"The Best Building  The Best Practices"

"The Best Building The Best Practices"

The Home Affairs Department (HAD) published the Administrative Guidelines on Best Practices on Building Management (Best Practices) in 2019 and recommends owners, owners' corporations (OCs), owners' committees, etc. to follow. The Best Practices are generally compiled based on the proposals made in the public consultation exercise on the review of the Building Management Ordinance (Cap. 344) conducted in 2014-15 and the enhanced proposals presented to the Legislative Council Panel on Home Affairs in November 2017.

HAD encourages the relevant parties to use their best endeavour to follow the Best Practices. In this regard, HAD has produced a drama series, namely "The Best Building The Best Practices", with six episodes of about ten minutes each. It presents in a lighthearted manner the smart tips in adopting the Best Practices.

Episode 1  Accomplishment Episode 1 Accomplishment
Episode 2  "The Psychic" Episode 2 "The Psychic"
Episode 3  The"Third Party" Episode 3 The "Third Party"
Episode 4  Attentiveness Episode 4 Attentiveness
Episode 5  Onion Episode 5 Onion
Episode 6  One Step Further Episode 6 One Step Further

The printed copies of the Best Practices are available in Home Affairs Enquiry Centres. The Best Practices can also be downloaded in HAD Building Management web page.

"The Best Building  The Best Practices"