Policy and Legislation
  Role of the Home Affairs Department

The Secretary for Home Affairs (SHA) is the Authority of the Building Management Ordinance (BMO). The Home Affairs Department (HAD), being the executive arm of the Home Affairs Bureau, seeks to assist owners of private buildings to form owners' corporations (OCs) and assist them in dealing with building management matters and the operation of OCs.

HAD staff will give advice to owners of private buildings on building management issues, but will not assume the management responsibilities for them. In general, HAD staff will -

  • advise owners on the procedures of the formation of an OC;

  • issue an exemption certificate to the convenor of an owners' meeting for obtaining a free copy of record of owners of the building from the Land Registry for the purpose of convening a meeting to form an OC. Each building will only be issued with the certificate once;

  • upon invitation attend owners' meetings and give advice to owners as and when necessary;

  • process applications made to SHA for an order to convene a meeting of owners under section 3A of BMO;

  • advise owners on the operation of OCs;

  • organize educational and publicity activities to promote proper and effective building management;

  • handle enquiries and complaints relating to building management; and

  • help resolve disputes among owners, OCs and management companies, or refer them to service schemes launched by HAD and professional institutes/professionals.