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Building Management Dispute Resolution Service


Building management may be complicated and tedious. Insufficient communication among stakeholders or misunderstanding on the relevant Ordinances and Codes of Practice may lead to disputes. In view of this, the Home Affairs Department (HAD) has launched a two-year free pilot Building Management Dispute Resolution Service (BMDRS) in April 2018 to provide parties in building management disputes with an effective and efficient way to resolve their disputes.


The BMDRS will be steered by a retired Judge/Judicial Officer with relevant experience in dealing with building management cases. Under the BMDRS, depending on the wishes of the parties involved in the dispute and the circumstances of each case, the retired Judge/Judicial Officer, serving as the Convenor of the BMDRS, will assist the parties in identifying issues in the dispute, exploring and generating options, with a view to reaching settlement of the dispute. In the process, the Convenor may, based on his experience and expertise, provide opinion or assessment to enable the parties to better assess their cases. The Convenor may be assisted by mediators if necessary. The total number of hours for each suitable case will normally not exceed 22 hours.


Parties eligible for taking part in the BMDRS include –

  1. owners;
  2. members of the management committee of owners’ corporations or owners’ committees; and
  3. persons acting on behalf of property management companies.

How to Apply

Please refer to the Publicity Poster, the Application Guide and the Collection of Data Form (Form 1) for details. Interested parties shall fill in the Collection of Data Form (Form 1) for application. The completed form shall be submitted to the concerned District Offices.

Interested parties may also refer to the Agreement to Use the BMDRS (Form 2) and the Rules for the BMDRS for further details.


For enquiries, please contact the Secretariat of the BMDRS at 3107 3183.