Owners' Corporations Advisory Services Scheme *


To strengthen support for Owners' Corporations (OCs) and promote effective building management, the Home Affairs Department (HAD) implemented the "Pilot Scheme on Advisory Services to Owners' Corporations" from 2018 to 2019, which has been regularised and renamed "Owners' Corporations Advisory Services Scheme" since March 2020. Property management companies have been engaged to provide OCs with free advisory services on building management under the scheme.


  • The OCs intending to adopt the Best Practices on Building Management (the Best Practices) and the Checklist on Procedural Propriety on Building Management (the Checklist)
  • The OCs requiring assistance in procuring third party risks insurance or engaging accountants to audit their financial statements
  • The OCs requiring assistance in building management

Scope of Services

  • Assisting OCs in complying with the Building Management Ordinance and relevant Codes of Practice, and adopt the Best Practices and the Checklist in handling building management matters
  • Assisting OCs in procuring third party risks insurance
  • Assisting OCs in engaging accountants to audit financial statements
  • Providing OCs with advice and assistance in handling daily building management matters
  • Assisting OCs in handling complaints or enquiries about building management matters
  • Assisting OCs in applying for building management-related support services and subsidies

How to Apply

Interested OCs may submit a duly completed application form to HAD or District Building Management Liaison Teams of respective District Offices, or may click here to register.


For enquiries, please contact Division IV of HAD (Tel. no.: 2835 2540; email address: ocass@had.gov.hk)

* The service will NOT accept applications unrelated to disputes concerning the Building Management Ordinance (Cap. 344) (BMO), the Codes of Practice under the BMO or the Deed of Mutual Covenant of the building, nor applications concerning water seepage.