Pre-Meeting Advisory Service for Owners' Corporations *


To step up support for Management Committees (MCs) and Owners' Corporations (OCs) for more effective building management, the Home Affairs Department (HAD) launched the Pre-Meeting Advisory Service for OCs in April 2017.  Free advisory services were provided to OCs by District Building Management Liaison Teams under District Offices (DOs) before OC meetings.

Implementation period

From April 2017


The main targets of the Service are newly formed OCs, MCs of OCs of a new term, and OCs anticipating controversial discussion items.

Scope of Services

The District Building Management Liaison Teams under DOs will brief MC members on meeting procedures and provide them with relevant information before meetings to ensure the compliance with the Building Management Ordinance and Codes of Practice and the adoption of relevant guidelines.  Modes of service include but not limited to meetings, discussion, correspondence exchanges and telephone communication.


For enquiries, please contact the District Building Management Liaison Team of respective DOs.

* The service will NOT accept applications unrelated to disputes concerning the Building Management Ordinance (Cap. 344) (BMO), the Codes of Practice under the BMO or the Deed of Mutual Covenant of the building, nor applications concerning water seepage.